Esteri 30PM

Esteri 30PM

Esteri 30 is a full truck-mounted firefighting pump module, that contains
• ESTERI 30 combined normal/high pressure pump
• TR-75K water monitor
• ESTERI high pressure hose reel system

TR-75K manual monitor
• Horizontal rotation travel 360° degrees or customized
• Vertical travel 135° degrees (maximum 270° degrees)
• Flow rate maximum 3800 lpm (1000 gpm), depending on the nozzle
• Throw range with water up to 60-70m
• Inlet / Outlet 3” or customized
Monitor can be used on the roof of the fire truck, and anywhere where full 360 degree rotation is needed. The mounting to the platform is done with flange, which size can be determined by the customer. The mounting can also be done with detachable spacer giving the possibility to quick release the monitor from the platform.
TR water monitors are also available with hydraulic or electrical control.

ESTERI high pressure hose reel system
• Manual rewind hose reel drum
• 1” fluid path & 1” straight swivel inlet
• Fitted with 55m x 22mm BS/EN 55 Bar hose reel tubing
• Nozzle with adaptor
Hose reel system fully integrated and designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency, from the pump outlet through to the hose reel nozzle.
Also available with air rewind and electric rewind.

Esteri Group offers wide range of pump models, that are available as normal single stage, or combined normal/high pressure multistage types:
• 2000 lpm at 10 Bar / 400 lpm at 40 Bar
• 3000 lpm at 10 Bar / 400 lpm at 40 Bar (30 HP)
• 3000 lpm at 10 Bar / 400 lpm at 40 Bar (ESTERI 240 HP)**
• 4000 lpm at 10 Bar / 400 lpm at 40 Bar
• 6000 lpm at 10 Bar / 400 lpm at 40 Bar
• 10000 lpm at 10 Bar *
*For normal/high pressure type, contact Esteri Group for more information
**Two stage type with peripheral impeller
All pump models available with integrated CAFS, for foam flows from 2700 lpm up to 14000 lpm.
All pump models available with ESTERI RTP automatic proportioner, for up to 3 fixed foam rates (1%, 3% and 6%).
Compressed air primer and electric primer for additional priming device options.

• TR-65, flow rate 2800 lpm
• TR-75, flow rate 3800 lpm
• TR-100, flow rate 6000 lpm
• TR-120, flow rate 10000 lpm
• Hydraulic joint control
• Electric joint control
• Several options for monitor nozzle
• Hydraulic control unit for monitor/nozzle control

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