AJ- FFP   Firefighting pole

AJ- FFP Firefighting pole

The firefighting pole is capable of carrying out safe, effective and cost-efficient fire extinguishing. The risks are very low compared to smoke diving. The number of firefighters can also be significantly reduced compared to traditional methods, as there is no need for a safety pair and large back-up teams. The 0+2 approach allows an effective firefighting operation to be launched quickly and with minimal risk.

The poles are 2-6 m long (8 m with the extension). The length of the pole can be specified separately. For small fires, where you can get close to the target, the recommended length is 2 or 4 m. Small fires are: cars, rubbish dumps, etc. where the 2 or 4 m pole reaches over the target. For fires of moderate intensity, the 2 or 4 m version can be used for extinguishing attacks from window or door openings.

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